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American Baltic Investments seeks to identify, develop, and arrange capital for investment in targeted projects in the Baltic countries. The focus of investments will be in all aspects of energy, finance, real estate, transport, and transit.

The principal of American Baltic Investments, who has been actively involved in investment projects in the Baltics since 1991, co-founded and managed Baltic Fund 1, L.P., the first and longest running private equity fund in the Baltics. He has an extensive network of investors, business executives, entrepreneurs, brokers, professional service providers, and analysts.

The investment strategy of American Baltic Investments will be to:

  1. Seek industries that have Baltic advantage:
    • highly educated, low-cost work force
    • geographical advantage- transit route between the East and Northern Europe
    • Natural resources
    • Rapid economic growth
  2. Seek undervalued companies where value can be added through active participation at board level
  3. Seek established companies whose management has proven record of increasing shareholder value through high growth strategies.

American Baltic Investments will make investments in predominantly unlisted-pre IPO companies. The exit strategy will be sale to a strategic investor, existing shareholders, and IPO.

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Investing in emerging market countries such as the Baltic States involves special risks.

The information contained herein is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.